Decisions for 2014……..


Many people say, ” In the New Year I will not … ( and then some negative things they want to change: cry , be sad , smoke,  be angry ,  block badly, score poorely , whatever ..) . Often it  doesn’t work for them …

To succeed you use a little trick that will allow that it works for YOU !

Say to  yourself , ” From the New year I will … ( and then all positively stated ) ….. for ex. . Be cheerful, talking quietly , throw  away the cigarettes , do good block , score a goal per game) ” and then imagine yourself with this new desired virtues and qualities .

I am wondering if You can imagine where you are, who you’re with , when you have the new desired qualities. How do you feel when you behave like that?

You can imagine your whole  day. How are you   talking to other people? How others perceive you and talk to you when you’re like this?

Do you feel the difference ? Do you like the new YOURSELF in  2014. year ?

Take a sheet of paper and write it all down . Describe yourself to the smallest detail with that new quality. This is very important to write everything down on paper! You can stick it on the bathroom mirror , refrigerator or some place in the appartment that you pass by  frequently .

If You like that new You  , then  at the stroke of midnight , say once more to yourself, ” I am now …….. ( then what you want to positively phrased ) ” and become a new-you, think and act with that new quality you have. It’s all up to you and the magic of the New Year will help .

Tell me how it was .

Happy New  2014. , be healthy and successful.

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