Gde je Vaš fokus u toku utakmice?


Sigurno ste već mnogo puta čuli vašeg trenera kako govori «misli samo na sledeći poen» u važnim momentima utakmice.

Verujem da Vam se mnogo puta u karijeri desilo da u toku utakmice pomislite: « Pobedićemo» ili « Izgubićemo» još kada je utakmica bila na samom početku.

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How to use every practice, even the boring one?

bored-swimmer-600x450Have you ever considered how much your time you invest in practice?

How many training sessions you just waited for them to finish?


If you are a professional player of any sport, it usually means that you have practices ten times a week for two hours . Multiplied by ten months, or 42 weeks and we get a figure of 840 hours of training per year, or if you want to sound more fascinating Continue reading