How to use every practice, even the boring one?

bored-swimmer-600x450Have you ever considered how much your time you invest in practice?

How many training sessions you just waited for them to finish?


If you are a professional player of any sport, it usually means that you have practices ten times a week for two hours . Multiplied by ten months, or 42 weeks and we get a figure of 840 hours of training per year, or if you want to sound more fascinating Continue reading

Glas Pobednika u vama…….The Voice of the winner inside you

Pogledajte ovaj video i siguran sam da ćete i vi čuti onaj glas u sebi . Glas  Pobednika, koji pokušava da vam kaže  kako da uspete. Vi treba samo da ga čujete i  poslušate i da započnete vače putovanje stazom uspeha….

Watch this video and hear the voice inside you. The voice of the Winner, that is trying to tell you how to succeed. All you have to do is to hear it and listen to it and start to walk on the path of success. You already know how to do it….