When it is really important game and when “water goes in ears”

buton ushi

You may have noticed that there are some players who play great in practice , but when they play in official  game, they block themselves ?
Maybe you have experienced that you are excellent in qualifying matches and in the really important game,match or race you just fall to performe well  ?
Something happens and you just  freeze and block.You are making the rookie mistakes and you feel like  you can’t achieve nothing ?
At the European Championships in volleyball in Germany in 2003. , we have entered Continue reading

Release your inner child…

Odbojkaška sekcija i gimnastičarke u mojoj osnovnoj školi

Volleyball team in my primary school

Do you remember your very first training session? The thrill of expectation the first time you try a sport you like. The desire to learn something new and exciting.

In my life I trained judo, skating and dancing (briefly and unsuccessfully 🙂 ), volleyball and basketball. I still remember every detail from each first day of training. The first volleyball training, back in 1986, when my first coach Mocko Stevan brought me to a bunch of boys three years older than me, and with a deep voice gave me my first lesson in volleyball: Continue reading